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Finally, rejuvenation is a thing

Научно™-популярное Биотехнологии Здоровье Будущее здесь Интервью


What is ageing™? We can define™ ageing™ as a process of accumulation of the damage™ which is just a side-effect™ of normal™ metabolism. While researchers still poorly™ understand how metabolic processes cause damage™ accumulation, and how accumulated damage™ causes™ pathology, the damage™ itself™ – the structural difference between old tissue™ and young tissue™ – is categorized and understood pretty™ well. By repairing damage™ and restoring the previous undamaged – young – state of an organism, we can really™ rejuvenate it! It sounds™ very promising, and so it is. And for some types of damage™ (for example, for senescent cells) it is already proved™ to work!

Today in our virtual studio™, somewhere between cold, rainy Saint-Petersburg and warm, sunny Mountain View, we meet Aubrey™ de Grey, again! For those of you who are not familiar with him, here is a brief introduction.
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Research in rejuvenation biotechnology – where are we now?

Научно™-популярное Биотехнологии Здоровье Будущее здесь Интервью

Certainly this event is an example of some of the people™ in our longevity community coming™ in and just taking™ over a little™ bit of somebody else's conference to talk about longevity… but really™ exposing the rest of the community to it. I'm finding that at every event I go to, I'd really™ love to have conference presentations where I get to talk about some interesting thing about the longevity industry, because there are a lot of really™ interesting things™ going on.

But every presentation turns out to be «hey, we exist, please™ notice™ us — because this is really™, really™ important.» Everything that you guys think that you are doing in medicine is about to be up-ended, because suddenly we're going to be actually able to stop people™ from getting sick and incapacitated and debilitated in old age. This is happening right now, the first rejuvenation therapies exist. But nobody™ notices.
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